2022 ACBO Convention

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2022 Convention Program


68th Annual Convention

Walk, Run, Launch into the Future

3D Rocket Engine Design Challenge launched

October 14 – 16, 2022

Holiday Inn Express Eugene/Springfield

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 68th ACB of Oregon Convention is Dedicated to:

Joan Hill

February 5, 1939 – October 30, 2021

Joan was a lifelong teacher and an inspiration to many. She spent countless hours on projects for ACB of Oregon as a board member, membership committee chair, and advocate for blind people. Stepping out in faith was part of her everyday life – having the courage to face her fears and have faith in the angels among us. For Joan, every day was a blessing to enjoy and look forward to with hope.

American Council of the Blind of Oregon

68th  Annual Convention

October 14-15-16, 2022

Dedicated to Joan Hill

FRIDAY – Oct 14

2:00 pm    Registration

3:30 pm    Annual Convention Board Meeting

6:00 pm    Pizza Party – a Cash Bar will be available

7:00 pm    Music, Singing, & Dancing

Making Music and Memories Night” – Bring your instruments, voices and favorite songs


9:00 am    Convene General Session – ACBO President, Carrie Muth

Presentation of Colors, Flag Salute

Invocation – Pastor Dennis Reynolds

Welcome to Springfield/Eugene – Mayor Sean VanGordon

9:20 am    Approval of Convention Agenda

                    Roll Call of Chapters – Cassie Trosper

Dedication of Convention to Joan Hill – JeanneMarie Moore

Recognition of the Fun Squad (Convention Committee) –

 Sue   Schwab

Introduction of ACB National Representative,

Koni Sims

9:40 am    ACBO Presidents Report – Carrie Muth

9:50 am    First Reading of Nominations – James Edwards

First Reading of Bylaw Amendments – John Hammill

                   Recognition of our supporters –Cassie Trosper – Lions, Scouts, Tyanne Braille

10:00 am  Report of National Convention – Carrie Muth

10:10 am  Oregon Commission for the Blind – Dacia Johnson, OCB Director

Talking Books and Braille Services – Elke Bruton

Hull Foundation & Learning Center – Monica Butler, Blindskills, Inc – Elizabeth Wolf, Executive Director


11:15 am  PSU O&M Program Wayfinding Study – Dr. Amy Parker, Program Coordinator & PSU Grad Student, Kate Almon

12:25 pm  Second Reading of Nominations – James Edwards

                    Second Reading of Bylaw Amendments – John Hammill

12:30 pm  Break for Lunch

Afternoon Activities

1:30-3:30 pm   Breakout Sessions

         Option 1: White Cane Awareness DayTravel to downtown Springfield to join our Pedestrian Safety Committee. Joining us will be Koni Sims, “Get Up & Get Moving” representative and PSU O&M Program Coordinator, Dr. Amy Parker as well as Kate Almond to bring awareness to the public. 

         Option 2: At Hotel

1:45 pm    Natural Disaster on a Budget – Andrea Barnhurst

2:45 PM    Break

3:00 pm    Blindshell Classic 2 – Michael Babcock

4:00 pm    From Couch to Active – Lyn Lindbergh

                   Lyn Lindbergh is a Certified Group Fitness Instructor. Let’s work together and figure out how to make exercise a part of your life.

5:30 pm    Happy Hour (no host)

6:00 pm    Banquet – Guest Speaker, Koni Sims

                   Raffle Drawing

                   50/50 Drawing

SUNDAY – Oct 16

                   Annual Membership Business Meeting Agenda

  1. Meeting called to order by President Carrie Muth 
  2. Pledge of Allegiance
  3. Moment of Silence / Recognition of Deceased Members
  4. Chapter roll call and member count
  5. Approval of agenda
  6. Approval of 2021 Membership Business Meeting Minutes
  7. Wedbush Presentation – Greg Jacobs
  8. Treasurer’s Report – Sue Schwab
  9. Presentation of 2023 Budget – Sue Schwab
  10. Bylaw Amendment
  11. Election of District Reps
  12. Select 2024 ACB of Oregon Convention Location
  13. Announcements
  14. Adjourn

Note:        Please remember to wear your name tags with voter verification identification.

                   Check out time for your hotel room is 11:00am